Simple Product Update by SKU

Update your WooCommerce products field copying and pasting a list with SKU and the new value for your selected field.
Works with Advanced Custom Fields and regular fields, including price.
Simple and easy.

Very simple to use

To update any WooCommerce product field by SKU, including ACF, prepare a list with the SKU and the new values to set.
Make sure your values are error-free.
Pick the type of field you are updating.
You can select Advanced Custom Field, Regular WP Field and WooCommerce Price.
If you select WooCommerce Price the field "field name" and "cast" are not required.
If you select Advanced Custom Field, select the slug of your field
If you select Regular WP Field, select the meta name
If you need/want to make sure the value has a specific data type, select the cast option.

Hit the "Perform Update" button and enjoy.

The "Output" section on the right will display the performed changes.

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